The Origin of the Name Forky Stick Training.



Forky Stick Training and Safety Consultants

A Tribute to a Legend and a Legacy of Learning

In the heart of Rockhampton, Queensland, where the outback meets industry, stands a company that embodies the essence of Australian resilience and innovation. The name “Forky Stick Training and Safety Consultants” may sound intriguing, but it holds a profound story that resonates with the journey of its visionary founder, a man deeply connected to the salt of the earth.

Originating from the humble town of Texas, a mile north of the border of Queensland and New South Wales, the CEO and owner of Forky Stick Training and Safety Consultants embarked on a journey that would shape his destiny. It was a path that led him to the vast expanses of Wave Hill Station in the Northern Territory, a land spanning over 5600 square miles, which became the crucible of his life’s lessons.

At the tender age of 15, fresh out of school, this young individual embarked on a transformative adventure to Wave Hill. Owned by Lord Vestey, the station was a place of raw beauty and untamed nature. Amidst this rugged landscape, fate introduced our founder to a remarkable figure: a drover named Luke McCall. With a chuckle, our CEO recalls the title “Esquire” attached to his name, a nod to Luke’s extraordinary demeanour and knowledge.

Luke McCall, a man of exceptional wisdom, shared a bond with our CEO that went beyond mentorship. He became a guiding light, an embodiment of resourcefulness, and a symbol of the unbreakable Aussie spirit. What made Luke extraordinary was his mastery of the “Forky Stick.” This seemingly unassuming tool was Luke’s toolkit for countless tasks that ranged from crafting makeshift crutches to toasting sandwiches by the campfire. It was a true testament to ingenuity and adaptability, traits that define the Australian way of life.

Our CEO fondly recalls a list of 29 remarkable uses for the Forky Stick, each etching a memory of Luke’s warmth and willingness to pass on his wisdom. The Forky Stick, an emblem of resourcefulness, became a profound source of inspiration, resonating with the values of learning, adaptability, and survival against all odds.

And so, as the journey progressed, the name “Forky Stick Training and Safety Consultants” emerged, a tribute to Luke McCall and the legacy of knowledge he bestowed upon our founder. It stands as a symbol of empowerment, innovation, and a promise to continue imparting the wisdom of the “Forky Stick” to the world.

Today, from the headquarters in Rockhampton, Forky Stick Training and Safety Consultants continues to honour its origin story. With a Fortune 500 attitude and a passion to empower the salt of the earth, this company stands as a testament to Australian determination, rooted in the outback but reaching far beyond. As they forge ahead, they carry with them the legacy of Luke McCall and his unforgettable Forky Stick.

In every training, consultation, and safety initiative, the spirit of the Forky Stick lives on, a reminder that innovation often arises from the most unexpected places. Forky Stick Training and Safety Consultants: a name that carries a tale of a drover, a stick, and a lifelong journey of learning and growth.


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  • Deborah Hilton

    what a fantastic tale to tell ,i would have liked to have meant this Luke McCall, with his stories you tell, what a ledged he was and why you stand so tall.

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