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Welcome to Forky Stick Training and Safety Consultants, a privately owned Registered Training Organisation (#45802) committed to delivering exceptional training solutions that exceed your expectations. Since opening our doors in July 2022, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of quality training, tailored to meet the needs of students, industries, and employers alike. Our goal is to help you succeed by equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Scott and Deborah Hilton, the driving force behind Forky Stick, have a rich background as hardworking individuals who have weathered life’s challenges together since their marriage in 2003. Their unwavering commitment to one another forms the foundation of our organization. We believe in supporting each other through failures, celebrating achievements, and embracing the values of Honour, Humility, Loyalty, and Respect in everything we do.

At Forky Stick, we understand that mistakes are an inevitable part of growth. We openly acknowledge our past errors because we recognize that they are the stepping stones to future success. Learning from our missteps and making necessary changes is a fundamental life skill that we embrace wholeheartedly. We believe in continuous learning and adaptation as we navigate through life and business. By sharing our experiences and lessons learned, we aim to inspire others to keep moving forward and to lend a helping hand wherever possible. We are still a work in progress, and we will never give up on our journey towards excellence.

HILTON GROUP QLD. PTY LTD, the parent company of Forky Stick, was officially registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on May 25, 2020. However, it was on March 9, 2022, that Forky Stick Training and Safety Consultants achieved a significant milestone by being awarded registration as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO# 45802) by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), the national regulator of Registered Training Organisations. This accomplishment was not an easy feat, as it required unwavering commitment, belief, and perseverance. Along the way, we faced rejection, betrayal, disrespect, and made our fair share of mistakes. The business journey has been filled with frustrations, arguments, tears, and doubts. However, we have always risen from each setback with humility, ready to take on new challenges.

Despite the obstacles, we have triumphed over adversity, and this resilience is reflected in our modern training facilities and resources. We have embraced the latest learning technologies to prepare for the future of our training organisation. Our cloud-based server system hosts a suite of modern learning resources that can be accessed effortlessly from a computer, tablet, or phone. We have also integrated Virtual Reality capabilities, creating a meta-verse for workplace training. This innovative approach allows us to tailor training experiences to individual student needs, offering a unique and immersive learning environment. And behind it all lies our industry experience, from humble beginnings with a crowbar and shovel to becoming owners of the company. The results speak for themselves.

At Forky Stick, we pride ourselves on delivering nationally accredited training that goes beyond industry standards. We understand that every student, industry, and employer is unique, and we customize our training programs to meet specific skill requirements. Whether you are seeking a full qualification or short courses to enhance your skills, we have you covered.

Our business is an extension of our personal experiences in life, and selecting Forky Stick means you can count on our unwavering commitment to meet and exceed your expectations. While we may not claim to be the best just yet, we are determined to do our best for everybody. Passion drives us, and we refuse to be outworked. Our work ethos is 100%, and we continuously strive to innovate and push boundaries. Our approach to business reflects our strong ethics, morals, and values



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